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Latest Installer bug

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Latest Installer bug

On June 30, 2016, Posted by , In General, With 14 Comments

There were a bug in the latest installer. So we did replaced the installer with fixed one.

However for those that already downloaded and installed Better Explorer from the old installer they need to redownload the installer and reinstall.

Another option is to download thisΒ [download id=”133″] and unpack its content to Better Explorer install directory

14 Comments so far:

  1. joel says:

    Hi, after clicking button to download the Better Explorer – Kasperky’s Total Security has indicated the following:
    Blocked by Web Anti-Virus
    Reason: dangerous URL

  2. seron says:

    I downloaded the Better Explorer but an error occured and not runs it.
    The installer says that “your computer needs net framework 4.6”
    But net framework 4.6 installer says “The .NET Framework 4.6 is not supported on this operating system.”
    I use windows 7 32bit and 64bit.
    The BE not run on XP.
    Windows 8 and 10 already have ribbon.
    Ok so, Why must I install net framework 4.6? Could’nt you do it installable with .NF 3 or 4.00?

    • Dimitar Tsenev says:

      Well .NET Framework 4.6 is supported only on Windows 7 SP1. If you dont have SP1 you should upgrade. We dont support OS before Windows 7 SP1.
      So in short we cant downgrade the .NET Framework nor support Windows XP.
      The BE is not only made for the ribbon but also for some enhanced functions that are available in it.

      • seron says:

        Thanks your answer.
        I found the cause of the problem while you write the answer πŸ™‚
        And I updated my windows. And…
        Your BExplorer is Wonderfull!!! I tried it and I understand that this program is really useful. Congratulations!
        Here comes the mind: You can integrate it into windows explorer. So I mean: I installed the program. I’m not clicking on the program shortcut. I click on the user files (documents) shortcut on the desktop. And I see that the windows explorer contains ribbon … What do you say?
        It’s just an idea…

        • Dimitar Tsenev says:

          Thank you for liking Better Explorer.
          Generally integration like you requested is posible but is quite dangerous so only advanced users can use it.
          Keep in mind that such a integration can broke windows or some functions to stop working.
          By the way do you use the latest source code and build it yourself or you the latest installer version?

          • seron says:

            Hi again.
            I am not a programmer, so, I cannot rebuild it.
            I am just think that: It would be nice if it had default file manager. πŸ™‚

  3. Tassaduq Hussain says:

    the file “betterexplorer.exe” does not do anything after clicking it. Please help!

  4. Sergio says:

    How do I put Better Explorer as standard File explorer.
    When I click the button for standard file explorer, nothing wil happen.
    Please fix this.

    • Dimitar Tsenev says:

      Well making it standard explorer is very dangerous operation and can broke windows. Thats why in latest versions that function does nothing.
      What version of Better Explorer you are using?

  5. Florian says:

    After trying to download the exe the following error occurs
    Invalid File Type (BetterExplorer2020.03.15.1304.exe)!
    How can I download the Better Explorer?

    • Dimitar Tsenev says:

      Yes there were a problem with downloads that got fixed now. You can try to download again and it should work πŸ™‚

    • Dimitar Tsenev says:

      P.S. Expect a new much modified version to be available for download in few time.

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