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A better windows filemanager
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Folder usage chart

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Folder usage chart

On June 16, 2016, Posted by , In App Highlights, With 23 Comments

There is handy chart that displays folder usages.

It displays in conviniant form what space use all folders and files in particular folder or drive.

23 Comments so far:

  1. Victor says:

    I can’t download better explorer 🙁
    http://gainedge.org/better-explorer/downloads/ this link don’t work(

  2. Victor says:

    I found a bug in the installer. At the end of the installation in the window says to me that the program is only for 1280×1024 resolution, but my screen resolution 1440×900. What could be the problem?

  3. admin says:

    hmmm it is possible. But is the new installer not work?

    • Victor says:

      Yes. But why do these restrictions, if the program will work, not looking at them.
      Please give me a portable version! Pleeeease 🙁

      • admin says:

        Well sending portable versions is against our policy. And besides the installer sets some things so Better Explorer cant work entirely portable.
        But if you want to join us as a tester for example you can get a unofficial releases and so on.

        • Victor says:

          But what I will do for you bad if I just unpack the program archive to any folder and will launch it from there?
          You have me for an idiot then keep?

          • admin says:

            As i said it will not work entirely without the installer.
            And also as i said we have a policy against spreading portable installations since it can lead to problems or not working features that are result of the missing entries in the registry which installer puts. We dont want reports about non existing problems just because someone wants portable setup.
            If you like install without installer always you can download the source and build it. in that way you will have what you want.

  4. Victor says:

    Okay. I understand you. Then you can give me the installer, who without any restrictions. That he was without such windows “only for 1280×1024 screen” and so on.

    • Dimitar Tsenev says:

      Well i’d like to say the restrictions are with reasons. At what machine you want to run Better explorer? The new installer is without 1280×1024 restriction. Just redownload it!

      • Victor says:

        I know. But I need a version without restrictions 🙁

        • Dimitar Tsenev says:

          Well unfortunately i cant provide you with that 🙁
          Better Explorer have minimum requirements that have to be met to ensure normal operation. That is job for the installer. If i remove restrictions we risk installation to be possible on not supported systems which can lead to damages for which we will be responsible (since we didn’t provide any restrictions).
          I can build an installer without restrictions but who use it will violate our EULA.

  5. Megaten says:

    Sorry for this message not at all on yhe right section, but I’m not able to acces to the bug report.
    I’ve two subscription: meg and megaten, no one has the acces authorisation?
    So the minus bug is: he ‘Show boxies’ is not save from one session to another one.
    Please could help to acces correctly to the bug report .
    Frienfly Meg

    • Dimitar Tsenev says:

      Sorry for inconvenience. I can reset the passwords for your account. Just tell me which one of them you like to use.

  6. Megaten says:

    Thanks for your help: ******* will be my new password for megaten.
    So you can delete Meg that was just to bypass the problem with megaten.

    And thanks to the team for the job.

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